Christmas Eve

Preparation for Santa's arrival.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing all our friends and family near and far a very peaceful, happy and love-filled holiday season!

Hudson, Jupiter, Hanin, Haden - and Kurt and Carmen


Halloween Update - a Day Late

The neighborhood troupe! Hudson is Captain America, Hanin is Superman, and Haden is Kylo Ren.

Our Jack-O-Laterns, up close!


Dad's #1

Dad's #2





Pumpking Carving Time!

Nothing is better than the by-product of carving jack-o-lanterns: home made pumpkin seeds!

What a wonderful selection of carvings from our neighborhood!


Haden's Newest Invention

Introducing the MLS - Multi Person Snorkel. It's sure to take the water world by storm. Get yours today!


365 Days Around the Sun

August 18th. It's August 18th again. Our babies have now made 5 trips around the sun! Happy Birthday, Hanin! Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Hanin and Hudson making the symbolic trips around the sun at school today. 

Time to open presents!


Hanin's New Pet

Hanin is in love with her new pet grasshopper. Introducing George The Forge!


Lovely weekend!

The weather was so lovely this weekend!! We took the opportunity to engage in a few physics lessons at the park!


The Pinewood Derby

Haden took first place in his age group at the Cub Scout Troop #604 Pinewood Derby! Scale top speed: 199.2mph!

Way to go, Haden!

The State Fair and our Little Picasso!

We had special reason to visit the State Fair this year (yes, the Florida State Fair is in February!). Haden's art work was on display at his school's booth! Here is his featured work, titled "Robot Dog"!

We also enjoyed petting the chickens, baby chicks, rabbits and feeding a giraffe! Oh - and getting a doggie chariot ride!