Happy to See You

When Haden and Hanin got home from school tonight, Hudson (who had to stay home today) squealed gleefully when he spied his brother, and giggled every time Haden looked at him. This is the first time we've noticed such recognition and interaction between the siblings!

Haden and his Shoes

Haden is really good about putting his shoes in the closet where they belong when he takes them off. However there are sometimes when he likes to leave them out. This is usually what he does with them in such situations.



Pirate Parade

The 5 of us met some friends at the Gasparilla Children's Parade this last weekend. While Haden enjoyed catching many beads, Hanin surprised us all by grabbing this frisbee thrown from a float!

Poor, Sick Baby

Our sweet little girl came down with an ear infection after only 2 days of day care last week. :( Even though she had to be miserable, she maintained her sweet personality. Luckily, she seems to be getting better already!

Separate Cribs

Up until this week, Hudson and Hanin have been able to sleep quite happily in a shared crib. However, they are now too big to sleep undisturbed together so we've moved them into separate cribs. So far, they seem to be quite happy about the new arrangements!


Story time

One of Haden's favorite things to do before bed is tell made-up stories. Tonight he decided that his stories have commercials in them. However, if you ask nice he will give you a "little remote" that you can fast forward with.


Baby Update

Hanin and Hudson went for their checkup today:

Hudson - 15lbs 2oz - 81% Percentile
Hanin - 13lbs 4oz - 15% Percentile

They were both moved off the premie growth charts as well.

Haden and Friends

Birthday Party

Haden (Police Man) and friends at his 4th Birthday party!
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New year, new tricks

This is the second time Hanin has rolled over from back to front. She can't quite get her arm free, but she makes it all the way over otherwise.