Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

We are so happy to have everyone - KK, Grandpa, Aunt Kirsten, Uncle Jaron, Cousin Henry, and little Cousin Hadley - here with us this weekend. We are especially excited that Grandpa is spending his birthday with us!


Mr. Bright Eyes

Although Hudson's eyes are still a kind of slate grey color, we are thinking more and more that he's going to have brown eyes just like his brother. (This is exactly the color we remember Haden's eyes being at 6 months.)

Hanin on the other hand appears to be keeping her clear blue peepers.

Body Slam!

Hanin and Hudson already seem to have a special pouty cry reserved for just when the other one encroaches uninvited into their personal space. And they're only 6 months! What's it going to be like on another 6?


Let the Living Room Round-Up Begin!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Haden had a party at school today to exchange cards with his friends. Haden is in the front left of the picture with his back to the camera.


Tuckered Out

Someone had a really tough day at school. I'll let you guess who...

Big Boy

Big Girl

Hanin continues to have such a lovely personality. She's so easy-going, crying only when she's sleepy or hungry. She is a true sweetheart.

In other news, she is gaining on her 'little' brother. For the better part of their lives, Hudson has had 2 full pounds on Hanin. However, last week an official weighing revealed that there is now only 1.25 lbs separating them.


The Artist

Haden's take on 'The Artist' - "When I'm making a movie with no words.....I'll get the words out"

Hudson at Work

Hudson just loves to be a part of the action. He intently watches everyone talking and particularly loves to keep an eye on his big brother's activities.

Roller #2

This morning, Hudson surprised us by rolling from his front to his back for the first time - not just once, not just twice, but 4 times in a row! This evening he surprised us even more by rolling from back to front!