Gingerbread House

Haden and Mom spent the evening making their first gingerbread house!



We all had the pleasure of spending lunch with Motes and Tonya today, and we finally got to meet their sweet little girl, Violet. Great to see you guys!

First Airplane Ride

What a big day Hanin and Hudson are having! They took their first train ride AND their first plane ride. Everyone fared really well - Mom and Dad still have their sanity!

Dentist Time!

This week, Haden had a check up with the dentist. His pearly whites look fantastic, and he was such a good boy that he even got to choose stickers to bring home to Hanin and Hudson!


2 Month Stats

The twins are technically 11 weeks old already! So hard to believe. They have been home from the hospital for 8 weeks now, however their premie "adjusted age" is only 5 weeks.

Over the last week or two, they have really started to interact more; displaying ready smiles and vocalizing a few tentative coos.

Today, they visited their doctor for their 2 month check ups... Which means they received their first round of immunizations. :( They handled the shots like champs.

Latest stats:
Hanin: 9lbs 8ozs, 48th weight percentile for premies; 50th percentile for height; 90th percentile for head circumference

Hudson: 11lbs 9ozs, 90th weight percentile for premies; 50th percentile for height; 95th percentile for head circumference

Incidentally, both babies have now more than doubled their birth weights!

Choices, Choices

Big Brother

As expected, Haden is a wonderful big brother. He is so loving, giving Hanin and Hudson kisses and caresses all the time. He is also a great helper, getting bottles and diapers when asked, and sometimes without being asked!


Haden and his Friends

Trick or Treat day at School

Haden got to parade around nearby shops and acquire candy with his friends at school today. He has a nice jump start on the candy collection!