iPhone 5 Review

"It's better than ma-ma's" - "her's is old old old" - "what's a 6 look like?" - "what about an iPad 100?" - "the games are in different places"


Beach Day

Our trip to the beach yesterday was a success - only small amounts of sand were ingested and no one got sunburned.


Our Climber

Earlier this week, Hudson figured out how to climb on our coffee table; he was impossible to stop. Thankfully a couple of days later he learned how to properly get down.


Goggle Girl

Lately, Hanin has been impressing us with how quickly she figures out how to use particular objects. The latest: she grabbed Haden's swim goggles and attempted to put them on. She has never worn goggles herself (until now) and has only seen them on Haden a few times. We think it's a good look!

Bumper Boats

A new ride at the zoo... We did see a few animals, too.

Day at the Zoo

Yesterday it was gator for lunch, today it was Gator Falls at the zoo. We've been waiting at least a year and a half, and finally Haden is tall enough to conquer this ride.