Hungry Hungry Babies

2 down, 38 to go!

Hudson has 2 teeth on the bottom that are most of the way in already. We haven't seen any from Hanin yet.

Oh So Close

Hanin and Hudson are nearly truly mobile! Uh oh!


Not Crawling Yet

This is 20 minutes worth of still shots (one every 10 seconds)



Hanin is getting quite a bit of hair - but it's all right on top of her head in true mohawk fashion.

Our Boys...

...are the cutest boys ever!

Happy Easter!

We are so happy that KK and Grandpa were able to spend the weekend with us!

Here's Hudson, Grandpa and Hanin hangin' out.


Bunny Invasion

Someone's excited for Easter.

Great Evening for a Walk

Tonight we decided to change up our stroller style - and the babies got to face forward for the first time!